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Hongya Cave Chongqing is separated into many different districts, each offering its own unique blend of activities. With many different activities, below is a few of the major tourism spots in different areas. It’s wise to have a translator, as Chongqing is very difficult to navigate around. Also, showing where you want to go in English letters is like showing someone in your home country where to go in Chinese letters. Most taxi drivers won’t be able to read English. Prices range from CNY and up.

iChongqing: China Yangtze River Three Gorges International Tourism Festival Hosted in Chongqing

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Visit the Dazu Rock Carvings, a UNESCO World Heritage site, on this 8-hour private tour from Chongqing. Dating back to the Tang dynasty in the 7th century, .

In continuing her guest post series Sarah Bennett explains some of the highlights of this city and why it is worth a visit. Must sees in Chongqing in 72 hours Situated centrally in China, Chongqing is often warm and can experience the infamous smog that so batters Chinese air. For a short trip however, do not let this put you off as there are plenty of things to see, do and eat, as similar to Chengdu, Chongqing is famous for its spicy food!

Ronghui is relatively easy to traverse as all the signs for each of the pools is written in English, so you can understand what health benefits you are achieving by lounging in each one. The exhibitions include historical and cultural information about the Three Gorges, as well as information about the history of Chongqing and also information about what happened in Chongqing during the Second World War, especially in regards to Japanese aggression. There are also a lot of relics and artwork from the Chongqing area all situated in the modern building Three Gorges Dam — One day Three Gorges Dam — photo credit http: Construction first began in ; the first power generation happened in and the dam was fully completed all turbines functioning in It is quite a project and a controversial one too.

This is largely due to the many issues including the relocation of over a million residents, the destruction of archaeological sites, as well as negative impact on native species. It is difficult not to admire the feat of planning and engineering that went into the venture.

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The Chinese city of Chongqing has a history dating back at least 3, years. Prehistory Evidence of human activity in Chongqing has been discovered dating back to the Old Stone Age , approximately 20—30, years ago. This theory, originally proposed by Russell Ciochon , was reversed by the same scientist 15 years later — as it would void the ” Out of Africa ” hypothesis.

However, this was not more than a loose confederation of independent clans who recognised a single king.

Chongqing People’s Liberation Monument is regarded as the commercial center of the Yuzhong District in Chongqing. Formerly a wooden structure, the monument was first built up on March 12th, This day is the anniversary of Dr. Sun Yatsen’s death, so the monument is called “Spirit Fort”.

Ancient Tongyuanmen and Dongshuimen For hundreds of years, Chongqing stood as an important wharf and outpost in the west of Chinese territory. Straddling the intersection of the Jialing River into the important eastward Yangtze River, it was a valuable strategic location. Evidence of defensive walls surrounding parts of the city have been found dating as far back as years. Map of the Ming Dynasty city wall around central Chongqing. The most famous layer of fortifications dates from the Ming Dynasty.

During this time, the wall had an 8 kilometer perimeter around the Yuzhong peninsula and reached up to 30 meters in height at some places. According to varying sources, there were either 17 or 18 city gates. Of these, only 2 remain. The larger of the two remaining city gates, a good length of wall remains either intact or partially reconstructed. Owing to the geography of Chongqing, the Tongyuanmen gate served as on of the main strategic entryways to the central citadel based near the convergence of the rivers.

Chongqing Attractions

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Sample Chongqing finding ad Chongqing City Social Welfare Institute If you have photos or information about this orphanage, please e-mail them to us. View the DianBai orphanage page to see an example of the type of information we’re looking for. We will put the information you provide on this page to assist other families. We are particularly interested in orphanage photos current and previous , director photo with name and tenure information, and any miscellaneous information.

We appreciate your help in making this project worthwhile to adoption families. The orphanage is located in the town of Nanchuan, about 40 kilometers south of Chongqing. The orphanage staff works in the central, circular-shaped three story building that is actually a children’s hospital. The staff is on the third level.

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Prehistory[ edit ] Evidence of human activity in Chongqing has been discovered dating back to the Old Stone Age , approximately 20—30, years ago. This theory, originally proposed by Russell Ciochon , was reversed by the same scientist 15 years later — as it would void the ” Out of Africa ” hypothesis. However, this was not more than a loose confederation of independent clans who recognised a single king.

It is unknown why the State of Ba fell so quickly into decline, but it is thought that due to a lack of a sense of real unity, a powerful army could not be raised, leaving it open to attack by invaders. In , the city’s port was made open to the outside world, and a customs house was set up. In , Chongqing was formally declared a city.

Chongqing has a large number of tourist attractions. Among these are The Dazu Rock Carvings, dating back as far as the 7th century AD. Listed as a UNESCO World cultural Heritage Site, The Dazu Rock Carvings are made up of 75 protected sites containing some 50, statues, with over , Chinese characters forming inscriptions and epigraphs.

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History of Chongqing

Commercial skyscrapers and high-rise buildings around the People’s Liberation Monument in downtown Jeifangbei. The WalMart super market at Nan’an ,Chongqing. The pedestrian mall in Chongqing downtown Chongqing was separated from Sichuan province and made into a municipality in its own right in March [3] in order to accelerate its development and subsequently China’s relatively poorer western areas see China Western Development strategy.

For instance, statistics [6] suggest that new construction added approximately , square meters 1. Traditionally, due to its geographical remoteness, Chongqing and neighboring Sichuan are important military bases in weapons research and development.

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Our Chongqing TEFL training center gives you the opportunity to complete an in-class TEFL course in just three weeks and is the ideal choice for trainees who want to attend a classroom based course but are limited by time. Chongqing is a thriving city in southwest China which straddles the Yangzi River. The city is home to over 18 million people and is an important industrial center.

Chongqing is famous for its spicy cuisine with Sichuan pepper used extensively. The most famous dish is Chongqing hot pot available in many hot pot restaurants around the city. There is even a yearly hot pot festival with more than 10, hot pot restaurants offering discounts to diners as well as interesting activities and ceremonies. The city has a fascinating history dating back to its founding 3, years ago.

Today the city is a major economic center and transport hub and is an increasingly popular destination for Chinese tourists due in part to its role as the gateway to the Three Gorges. Although Chongqing has a smaller western ex-pat population than might be expected for a city of this size, it does have a number of bars, restaurants and clubs catering to western tastes. Chongqing is well connected to the rest of the country through its air, rail and road transport network and the international airport connects the city to several international destinations including Los Angeles, London, Moscow and Bangkok.

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