Shattered Heart- A Peter Pan and Swan Family One-Shot

SwanQueen fans are obviously a very passionate lot. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis: Both Emma and Regina are characters we initially conceived to be strong people with strong points of view. And who would be put in opposition to one another with their son caught in the middle. We went to great pains to give both characters valid arguments for their points of view. The goal was that, minus Regina being an actual Evil Queen, we would be portraying two regular individuals who both loved or would grow to love a common son. The sparks between them generated amazing conflict and spectacular drama for us to mine as the show began. Over the years, it has been a joy to evolve that relationship from an adversarial one to one of mutual respect. As for the response it would elicit from fans, we had no idea. When you create a show, you have no idea if it will strike a chord with anyone, and the fan response to Emma and Regina, and the show as a whole, has elicited more passion than we ever dreamed.

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Acafellas Kurt and Mercedes Jones form a friendship out of their fashion rivalry. Mercedes also develops a crush on Kurt. Kurt sees that Mercedes is lonely and he offers to cheer her up by taking her out shopping. The cheerleaders, driven to stir up some petty drama for the Glee Club, manipulate Mercedes into thinking that Kurt is straight and has feelings for her. When she confronts him about their relationship, Kurt, still closeted, lies to Mercedes and tells her that he has feelings for Rachel , although the subject of his real crush is Finn.

Hoping to break the curse, Henry finds his biological mother Emma Swan in Boston and brings her to Storybrooke. He eventually convinces her of the truth by consuming a sleeping curse intended for her by Regina, nearly resulting in him dying.

I always have, and I always will. They first met when they were both stealing the same car. Soon, they started a life of crime like Bonnie and Clyde. She started stealing things with him. Soon, Neal was wanted by the police For theft. Emma and him come up with a plan: Later, August ruins everything by saying that if Neal does not leave Emma, then she will not fulfull her destiny to become the Savior everyone wants her to be.

Neal is forced to leave the woman he loves behind by blaming her for the theft of watches on her person. Emma is hurt by her lover, and ends up pregnant with their son, Henry. She swears to never fall in love again. In season 2, it is heavily implied that Emma still has feelings for Neal, and denies the fact she still has feelings for him.

Henry eventually learns that Neal is the father and Emma lied to him about it. Even Henry wants his mom and dad to get back together, but Emma doubts that will ever happen.

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Henry is the biological son of protagonist Emma Swan , and the adopted son of former antagonist Regina Mills. A lonely boy, Henry came to believe that the people living in his small town were under the effect of a powerful curse that robbed them of their memories of their past identities as fairytale characters. This led him to look up his extended family; notably his birth mother whom he knew to be the key to everyone’s salvation.

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Together, the two commonly engage in tea parties; most of which are to celebrate their “unbirthdays”. While the Hatter is loud, eccentric, and insane like the rest of Wonderland’s residents, he is also rather charming and can be mild-mannered from time to time, particularly when dealing with visitors such as Alice. According to Hatter, he and the March Hare never get compliments on their singing, and they’re usually the only attendants at the frequent unbirthday parties, apparently making the duo outcasts in the realm of Wonderland.

This is most likely due to their overbearing antics and personas, as well as the fact that they’re both, especially the Mad Hatter, troublemakers, albeit innocently so. This could be seen when the Mad Hatter made an attempt to “fix” the White Rabbit’s watch. As said before, one of the Mad Hatter’s traits include being rather charismatic. He tends to use terms such as “my dear” when referring to Alice, is shown to be courteous, and is overall the warmer side of the duo that is himself and the March Hare, who is far more rambunctious and outspoken.

The Mad Hatter is seen when Alice wonders off in the forest and the Cheshire Cat tells her to visit them for directions back home. Alice visits as the Mad Hatter is in the middle of a very odd tea party with the March Hare and the Dormouse. They are singing ” The Unbirthday Song ” but are interrupted when Alice starts to applaud.

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Once again, Once Upon A Time logic is truly something to behold. Regina was in part responsible for the curse that separated Emma from her family for 28 years — and, in turn, separated them from each other for just as long. Musical episodes rarely make sense. Characters are breaking into song at random, expressing their desires and motivations with lyrics and music, and all the rules of the universe are suddenly upended and thrown out the window.

It takes her the entire first season to believe in the possibility of fairytales being real. Totally strong and liberated, she holds her own against any threatening foe, whether a slimy divorcee running away from the child support he owes or any of the fairytale monsters she faces.

This is a Emma|Killian|Captain Swan appreciation blog with a healthy helping of all things Once Upon A Time. And tiny smidgen of other things. This is not a SPOILER free blog but I do try to label spoilers.

It has to come from somewhere. You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution for their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic. It gives us the strength to believe in the purity of everything and create an imaginary world of our own and look for our happy endings. However, Once Upon a time is one of the few that have successfully adapted fairy tales and created a promising show that everyone and every age group can truly appreciate.

Once Upon a time parallels between the real world and the fairy tale world throughout the seven seasons and we see stories unfolding in both worlds and they are all connected to one another. Each one of these characters have their own journeys and stories and we see each one of them grow and develop.

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Can you believe it? October is over and what a month it was! Be sure to give the authors and artists some love when you see their work! So without further ado, here we go! Because one is never truly alone. She can talk to dead people.

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It introduces the characters of Charley Anderson, airplane manufacturer; J. Set in the days just before World War I, this novel interweaves events from these character’s lives with biographies of real-life contemporaries such as Eugene Debs. For 10 points, name this first book of the U. Trilogy by John dos Passos. He was many things: At the age of 41, in , he published his first novel anonymously, and later, in , he published a group of black dialect sermons in verse.

He achieved a wide audience with his Lanny Budd series, eleven contemporary historical novels beginning with World’s End, that revolve around an antifascist hero. He also wrote about the controversial Sacco and Vanzetti trial in his book Boston, as well as the Teapot Dome Scandal in his book Oil! He is most famous for his sixth novel, inspired by one of his newspaper assignments and published at his own expense after several publishers rejected it.

Privately published in under the pseudonym of Johnston Smith, it was first published under the author’s real name in Set in Rum Alley, a slum district, it tells of Jimmie Johnson and his sister, the ill-treated children of a brutal father and drunken mother. FTP, identify this Stephen Crane story in which the girl drowns herself after becoming a prostitute. A Girl of the Streets A drama critic for The New York Times from to , his first successful play, written in collaboration with Marc Connelly, was Dulcy.

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These orphans might share similar orgins in that they both have very strange family trees and have inherited great power but now the inhuman of shield will take on the sheriff of Storybrooke in a battle for supremacy in battle mixed with bullets, magic, and vibrations. There are many people in this world that are abandoned and left to survive on their own.

Most of the time these people are young children. That is why it is very awesome to see some of these orphans grow up and get super powers.

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Baal at the Grand Comics Database Baal was the leader of the Sandstormers, who found Apocalypse as a baby and raised him. Baal is the leader of the Sandstormers, raiders and scavengers in ancient Egypt who lived by the dogma of survival of the fittest. When Kang the Conqueror went back in time in his spaceship, the Sphinx , and crash landed, he was found by the Sandstormers.

Inside, Baal and his people found a wounded Kang, and nursed him back to health. When Kang recovered, he ran away and became pharaoh of Egypt as Rama Tut. He returned with soldiers to reclaim his jewel, which the Sandstormers had stolen.

Hold the storybook, these new “Once Upon A Time” photos suggest that Emma Swan is pregnant

Prior to the age of seventeen, Emma Swan bounced back and forth between foster homes. She decides to settle down in Boston, Massachusetts, where she meets Dean Winchester when she attempts to steal his Chevrolet Impala with him in the back seat. Sensing he found his mirror in Emma, Dean reveals that he is a hunter of supernatural creatures.

At the end of Once Upon A Time Season 4, Emma sacrificed herself for Regina’s happy ending. She became the new dark one, and the Dark Swan is the focus .

On the day they marry, the Evil Queen interrupts the ceremony to announce she will destroy the happiness of everyone in the land. Months later, Snow White is heavily pregnant expecting her first child but worries about what the Evil Queen promised. She convinces Prince Charming to let see a man who can see the future called Rumplestiltskin. As payment for his services, Rumplestiltskin asks for their child’s name, which Snow White later gives Emma, though Prince Charming assumed the baby’s gender is male.

The Blue Fairy brings the Enchanted Forest’s last know enchanted tree, which is made into an magic wardrobe by Geppetto and his son Pinocchio , to them. The Blue Fairy lies and says the wardrobe can only protect one when in actuality is can save two people as per the secret deal she made with Geppetto; if carves the the wardrobe, Pinocchio must also be allowed to go through it.

The plan is to send Snow White into a magic wardrobe while she is still pregnant so she can guide her daughter in the new world.

“Once Upon a Time” finally revealed who Emma’s killer is, and it’s not at all who we expected

Emma first appeared in the series’s pilot as a bail bond agent in Boston , Massachusetts until she meets her biological son Henry, whom she gave up for adoption 10 years before, and learns she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Henry urges Emma to go to the fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine , to break a curse enacted by the Evil Queen and to restore the fairy tale characters’ happy endings.

The daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, [3] an ex-bail bonds collector. She is loosely based on the titular character from the fairy tale ” The Ugly Duckling “, such as she was lost and lived without a family like the ugly duckling did when he left home and her surname “Swan” is a reference to the fairytale because the ugly duckling finally finds his real family and becomes a beautiful swan. Character development and casting In early stages of the conception of the character, Emma’s name was Anna, [7] and she was supposed to have three children, but she ended up having just Henry.

Beautiful, with great strength behind classic features.

ABC has just released a few new pictures of the upcoming episode of “Once Upon A Time,” and look at that, Emma might be pregnant.

In season one, he kills the pilot of Oceanic He cannot leave the island as long as Jacob or one of his successors is still on the island and we are told that if he does leave the island, everyone on earth will die. He first appears as a cloud of black smoke, but can apparently take on the appearance of anyone who is dead. In his Locke avatar, which we are told he cannot now change, he takes offense when Ben calls him a Monster.

He claims that he is not evil, and just wants to escape the island. Thus, he begins to recruit allies to escape with him such as Sawyer, Claire, Sayid, and Kate.

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I’m fighting for the people I love. Ultimately, I am a hero. And light cannot destroy darkness, it can only create more light. I will not kill innocents. I will do what all saviors must, I will give hope. No matter what the cost.

Emma Swan may be the heroic Savior in Once Upon A Time, but there are more than a few things about her character that don’t add up.

In early stages of the conception of the character, Emma’s name was Anna, [5] and she was supposed to have three children, but she ended up having just Henry. Beautiful, with great strength behind classic features. But also not quite at home in her skin. Morrison said that when she does not know what to do with Emma, she thinks, “What a year-old boy would do? For Morrison, it is a great opportunity to now play a villain and it is challenging for her to portray a character that is constantly evolving.

Season 1 and 2 When Snow White becomes pregnant, Geppetto forms a magical wardrobe for her and Charming, after Rumplestiltskin informs them that their daughter is the key to breaking the Evil Queen’s curse in 28 years. Emma is born shortly after and placed in the wardrobe along with Pinocchio, successfully travelling to the new land. As a teenager, Emma becomes a petty criminal with Neal Cassidy. They plan to start a new life in Tallahassee, Florida , until Neal is persuaded by August Booth Pinocchio to turn Emma over to the police, to protect her destiny.

Emma is jailed, later giving birth to Henry, [16] whom she gives up for adoption to give him a better life; he is then adopted by Regina Mills the Evil Queen. On her 28th birthday, a ten-year-old Henry Mills arrives in Boston , explaining Emma’s origins. Disbelieving him, she returns him home to Regina in Storybrooke, who becomes worried that Emma wants to be in Henry’s life. Regina’s repeated warnings to leave town and keep out of Henry’s life make Emma decide to stay.

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