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As a courtesy to the public and other antique dealers, we are listing our sold items on this page as well as the descriptions and pictures of the pieces. This will assist others as a resource in the research of their antiques and collectibles. There is no hinge with is bracket. We believe this to be an original Victorian piece. We have been unable to locate any others like it. The piece measures 15″ out from the wall to the end of the bowl.

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Jar, Preserving – Quart round sun-colored amethyst glass Ball (triple L) fruit jar. It is the only known example. It was probably a test jar that never went into production.

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My situation is a little different than most foreigners here in Colombia.

Ball () discussed the decision to make the Mason jars and threats of litigation that the brothers received from the Hero Fruit Jar Co. and the Consolidated Fruit Jar Co.; however, the patents really were expired, so nothing came of the threats.

Pints Three of the Four are from the same mold, note crooked S in Mason’s. Consolidated Fruit Jar Co. Marsell’s Fruit Jar Page! Bob Clay Here is a way to date your Ball jars fairly closely by looking only at how the Ball name is embossed on the jar. Before we get into the Ball jars, here’s just a note concerning “Pontil Marks”. I see a lot of jars listed on ebay incorrectly with pontil marks. NO jars were ever made that had pontil marks.

The approximately 1″ circular mark seen on the bases of some early Ball jars indicates machine manufacture and is a VALVE mark, which let air trapped between the mould and jar to escape during production. There are only a FEW very early fruit jars which have pontil marks, and these have an applied lip of some kind.

There was no need on any of the screw lid type jars for attaching a punty rod to the base of the jar which creates the pontil mark because the thread area and lip was created in the mould when the jars were made.

Ball jar logo dating, the author

And if you bring home some fruit or vegetables and want to can, freeze, make jam, salsa or pickles, see this page for simple, reliable, illustrated canning, freezing or preserving directions. There are plenty of other related resources, click on the resources dropdown above. If you have questions or feedback, please let me know!

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Fruit Trees that Fail to Make Fruit. Are you frustrated with your fruit trees and their lack of adequate fruit production? Fruit trees are programed at birth to be robotic fruit producing machines. Make leaves, put on new growth each season, make flowers, later in the season make fruit. Does the age of the tree make a difference in fruit production? Young trees need from two to five years before they really start blooming profusely which is what you need for good fruit production.

Apple and apricot trees need at least two years, sour cherry and peach at least three years, pear at least four years and sweet cherry and quince can take up to five years before they really start producing fruit. So age of the tree does mean something. What about soil conditions? Soil conditions are extremely important. Probably more important that anything else in the equation because healthy happy trees make more fruit.

Poor soil conditions make for a tree that is struggling and stressed.

Vintage? Ball mason jar

Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval Payment Options: Payment is required within 24 hours of conclusion of auction and can be made at the time of scheduled pick up. Items not paid for within the required time will be charged to your credit card on file with proxibid. Adjustments in sales tax if applicable may be made at the time of payment.

The Ball jars are valued between a price of $10 and $ The exactprice will depend upon the condition of the jar.

This jar was machine made instead of being blown like other ones from this company. Through the years the jar had only minor changes made to it before being discontinued in It was decided to use the original design as a basis for a commemorative issue. A sample of the Ideal in flint glass was done in October There were 75 of these made. On the front was Ball Ideal and on the back was a medallion. This design consisted of an embossed eagle with a 5 point star above its head inside an oval with a stippled background.

Later, the jar was sampled in a Milk Glass color with only 30 being made. All of these sample jars went to employees of the company who had been involved with the development of the jar. The first production of the jar began in December , in the characteristic Ball blue-green color, that would be sold in The medallion now had the addition of the words Bicentennial Celebration inside the oval.

The jars were packed with the rubber rings like the original canning jars contained. At the bottom it said, Made in USA. On the bottom of the jar was the number of 75 for the year it was sold.

Vintage? Ball mason jar

To help you pick out the good in every situation you encounter. Any type of cookie in the cookie aisle Would be great during the holidays. From the local zoo: Margarita drink mix, Pina colada mix, lemonade, Salsa, Torango Chips in a triangluar pringles type can , cheese in a jar found in chips isle , hot tamales candy, Fire Balls candy, Red, green, yellow balloons, Chili peppers canned , Refried beans, taco or fajita seasoning, tobasco Sauce, pinata filled with candy ,Taco Bell sauce packets Lets Play Ball:

Huge 4 Gallon Ball Ideal Canning Jar with the wire lid holder. On one side of the jar is the American Eagle. Vintage Ball Ideal 4 Gallon Eagle Canning Jar. See Sold Price. view details. Sell a Similar Item. Shipping arrangements must be made on all purchases within 10 days of the date of purchase unless prior arrangements have been made.

In Grandmother’s time hundreds of these jars filled with colorful vegetables, preserves, and jams lined the cellar shelves. They gave testimony to long hours of labor in a steamy, summer kitchen. Many of these jars are not only still around but thousands of them, like the ones you see here, are still in use. People who enjoy canning often pick up used jars at garage sales, thrift shops, and flea markets because they are inexpensive.

They never suspect that they may be using a jar that is seventy-five years old. The Self Sealing jar was one of the first products that the company released. Kerr patented the first canning lids that had a permanently attached gasket, the type still used today. Another of their patents is the wide mouth jar, which was soon copied by Ball and other canning jar companies. The Strong Shoulder can be identified by a slightly raised line that goes around the upper part, the “shoulder” of the jar.

The company went out of business in This raised lip helped to keep the jar from cracking.

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How to Date Old Ball Mason Jars with Pictures – wikiHow Ball jar logo dating, the author His design was copied by many others, including the Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company, which began in and quickly became the front runner of the industry. Each mold was hand-cut hand-engraved with the lettering incised backward into the inside surface of the mold, which of course resulted in the embossing raised lettering which ball jar logo dating seen on the surface of the jar.

Yet with all that glass out there to be found, it has become a colossal challenge to categorize, date and fully understand the minutia of variants produced by the Ball Glass Mfg Co.

Frequently Asked Questions — Fruit Jars. From: Dave Hinson Summary: Assorted answers to questions frequently asked about fruit jars and related items.

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